Paul Horton’s 5th Annual Car Wash!

The KOOL Kids On The Block helped finish off the 5th Annual Paul Horton’s Car Wash this afternoon. This event was a huge success for Paul Horton and Big Brother’s Big Sister’s. The car wash raised over $150,000 dollars for Big Brother’s Big Sister’s over the past 5 days. We were very honored to be a part of such a huge charity event and we look forward to helping out again next year. The KOOL Kids On The Block were out there helping allweek washing cars, hanging out with our listeners and enjoying some of the live entertainment that they had going on during the event! We couldn’t have done it without the awesome volunteers from Home Depot, Kohls and the Phoenix Coyotes to name a few! Check us out¬†tomorrow¬†at the KOOL Car Show at the University of Phoenix Stadium!


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