Prince Performs New Single And A Very Rare Track

This week, Prince took the stage during Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform his newest single, “Rock & Roll Love Affair.” It’s a funky, bluesy, horn blasting track that had Prince shooting off grins of joy to the crowd.

As the credits rolled on the show, Prince and the band began to play “The Dance Electric,” a odd choice that sent fans into a frenzy. Prince wrote the song for his former bass player André Cymone’s solo album in 1985.

Kimmel promised a full performance would be online after the show, but no video of the full performance of the song has been posted as of yet. A few versions, shot from the crowd, can be found by searching on YouTube, but they will most likely be taken down soon, so if you want to see it, be advised to search sooner rather than later.

— Steve Wiseman / 104.3 WOMC


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