Peter Asher At The MIM – Part 2 Of Our Conversation

Peter Asher has so many areas of music to talk about: singer/songwriter as half of the duo Peter and Gordon, producer of James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, the PBS Buddy Holly tribute, a new Steve Martin – Edie Brickell project (Steve and Edie as he calls them), songwriter for Madigascar 3, A&R man for The Beatles Apple records, and so much more.  He’ll be sharing his stories on stage at the Musical Instruments Museum in Scottsdale tomorrow and Saturday night.  His show is called Peter Asher: A Musical Memoir of the 60’s and Beyond, and having seen it last year, I can say first hand it’s one of the most interesting couple of hours you’ll spend anywhere.  He’ll also be here at KOOL for a mini private performance.  Last week before he flew out for Paris and London, we spoke about George Martin, recording at Abbey Road studios, recording in the 60’s and today, the Steve Martin -Edie Brickell project, and his upcoming shows at The MIM.

Here’s part two of our conversation.


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