Peter Asher Is Coming To The MIM And KOOL

Peter Asher has such a rich musical history, it’s hard to cover any one area adequately – but is sure is fun to try.  Late last Thursday night before he hopped on a plane for Paris (then on to London), we spoke about his upcoming Musical Memoir show at The Musical Instrument Museum this coming Friday and Saturday nights, his mother’s connection to George Martin – many years before Peter became friends with Paul McCartney, his time with Gordon Waller performing as Peter and Gordon, and recent projects like Madigascar 3, the Buddy Holly tribute on PBS that included a killer performance by Stevie Nicks, and an album coming out next year that he produced for Steve Martin (yes, that Steve Martin) and Edie Brickell – the new Steve and Edie for the 21st century!  All week long you’ll be able to wn tickets to his shows at the MOM, and an exclusive performance for invited KOOL listeners this Friday at noon.

Here’s part one of our conversation.


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