NO Smiling On Your DL…Or Else!

I do NOT consider myself photogenic.  Because of that, I generally cringe when it’s time to have my picture taken.  I think we can all agree that the worst of ALL pics has to be the one on our driver’s license.  Oddly, I’m actually rather pleased with mine (shown on the left with the vitals skewed).  It’s not great.  But, I don’t think I look hideous.  Phew!

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission is changing the rules on DL photos.  Up until now, you could pose however you wanted…as long your face was inside the box.  But, due to new facial recognition software, officials are poo-pooing those “you-know-what eating grins!”  In addition to the smiles, residents are being asked to remove glasses and any headwear (unless it’s for religious purposes).

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