There’s a Starbucks DIET?

As a guy who weighed 150 pounds (soaking wet, mind you) for the majority of my twenties, I never thought the word “diet” would enter my vocabulary.  But, 10 years ago, my metabolism went AWOL.  I dealt with the 35-40 pound gain…until a couple months ago.  That’s when I started my d-d-di-di-diet.  Now, whenever I hear of a newfangled diet, I pay close attention!

Say hello to the Starbucks Diet.  For the record, this is NOT an official diet designed by the coffeehouse.  Rather, it’s the story of Christine Hall.  She’s a 66 year-old law librarian from Alexandria, VA.  She claims to have lost 80+ pounds by eating EXCLUSIVELY at Starbucks!

I’ve never set foot in a Starbucks, as hard as that may be to believe.  So, I’m not familiar with their food selection or prices.  If it’s as expensive as I hear their coffee is, this is probably NOT a diet I can afford!  Gastric bypass or lap band surgery would probably be cheaper😉

CLICK HERE for the full story, including video of her explanation.

Have you tried this?  Does it work?  Leave a comment below!


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