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Grand Daughter Aly Sees Nemo In 3-D

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Photo by Papaw

Photo by Papaw

Steve Goddard Steve Goddard
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Saturday we joined thousands of other kids, parents and grandparents around the valley at the movie theatre to see Finding Nemo in 3-D.  I was 9 when I saw my first 3-D movie “13 Ghosts”.  The 3-D wasn’t much then and the movie was in black and white.  The next 3-D movie I saw was the Polar Express a few years ago, and Finding Nemo was #3.  For a four year old, our grand daughter Aly did pretty well, except for the fact that she has an attention span that lasts about 25 minutes – the average length of a show on The Disney Channel.  Here are a few pictures taken before the attention span went south.

It was still a memorable experience.

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