Ron Palillo For The Trifecta

“How-ah-ya? I’m Ahhhnold Horshaaaaaack!”  If you watched TV in the 1970’s, you’ll immediately recognize the signature introduction of Ron Palillo.  He starred as Arnold Horshack on Welcome Back Kotter.  Ron died of a heart attack this morning at age 63.  So young…so sad!  CLICK HERE for more on the story from CBS News.

So, where does that put us with the Celebrity Death Trifecta?  By my calculations, Horshack just completed one:

  1. Johnny Pesky (Boston Red Sox manager)
  2. Helen Gurley Brown (Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief)
  3. Ron Palillo (Welcome Back Kotter actor)

I would imagine Yankees fans (or overall Sox haters) will argue that #1 doesn’t belong on the list.  But, hey…there’s always some drama surrounding the CDT!  For now, let’s forget about that.  I’d rather look back and laugh at the comedy of Arnold Horshack.


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