Meet Jeffrey T’s New Kitties

There are two brand new members of the Mason household.  They are 7 month-old kittens!  It’s been just over 2 months since I lost Puss, so I figured it was about time.  And, the Pet Adoption Event over the weekend at the Coliseum was the PURR-fect opportunity to adopt a couple cuties!

These two are brothers.  They have another brother and sister.  But, those two were adopted before I got to the fairgrounds.  For names, I’m leaning towards Statler & Waldorf.  But, I haven’t had much opportunity to see their personalities yet.  They’re EXTREMELY shy and scared.  It takes a while for new pets to adapt to their environment.  Thankfully, they’re not hissing at me.  They haven’t even meowed yet!  Once they get brave enough to hang with humans, I may change my mind on the names.  Whatever fits them!

sleeping Meet Jeffrey Ts New Kitties

They have JUST started to venture out from under the guest room futon.  It’s mainly when they don’t think I am watching.  But, I AM!  Check back for more pics and maybe even some video.  Until then, it’s nap time:-)





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