Curly Fries Coming To Mickey D’s

We all know how addictive the french fries are at McDonald’s.  They must cook them with magic dust, because I CANNOT control myself when eating them!  Get ready to (as Emeril would say) “kick things up a notch.”  The golden arches are about to curl!

Actually, “Twister Fries” are nothing new for Mickey D’s.  That is, IF you live in the Philippines.  Yep…another “overseas only” offering.  Why do all the cool things happen across the globe?

CLICK HERE for the story and a pic of the grub.

I really hope they bring it to America.  When Arby’s first added curly fries, I was dubious.  I LOVED the homestyle fries.  But, they eventually did away with those at most locations and switched exclusively to curly.  I tried them and fell in love instantly.

OK…now, I’m hungry.  Is it lunchtime yet???


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