Bad, Bad Bob Costas [VIDEO]

It’s hard to miss the Summer Olympics.  NBC is basically running it around the clock!  That tends to mess with the schedule just a bit.  A sports anchor in Jacksonville totally went off on Bob CostasLIVE on television.  Why?  Costas went too long and caused their local news to start AFTER Midnight.

You don’t see NBC-12 sports guru, Kevin Hunt complaining on camera.  That’s because they’re pros down at “200 EVB.” (Do they REALLY call it EVB?)  Though, I think they could use a little excitement.  Other than obscene gestures from freaks on the street, it’s pretty tame.  Lin Sue Cooney should come in one night with a razor and shave Mark Curtis‘s mustache.  Now, I’m watching!

Speaking of watching, check out this video.  I give the guy an A for passion.  That is, until he starts to backpedal at the end.


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