Another “New” Brady Bunch?!?

First, there was “The Brady Bunch” sitcom (1969-74).”  Then, “The Brady Kids” cartoon (1972-74).  It was followed by “The Brady Bunch Variety Hour” (1977).  As if that weren’t enough, we had “The Brady Girls Get Married” and “The Brady Brides” (1981).  How about “A Very Brady Christmas” (1988)?  “The Bradys” ran for six episodes (1990).  On the big screen, there was “The Brady Bunch Movie” (1995) and “A Very Brady Sequel” (1996).  We were later treated to “The Brady Bunch In The White House.” (2002).  But, apparently… THAT WASN’T ENOUGH!

Now, thanks to Vince Vaughn, they could be back…again.  Vaughn would be executive producing this television show for CBS.

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