Octomom Sighting In Phoenix

It can’t be hard to spot Nadya Suleman.  She’s got 14 kids at her feet!  You know her better as “Octomom.”  And, you just may spot her in the Valley this week.  She’s making an appearance to promote her new film.  And, I use the term “film” loosely!

As you’ll recall, Nadya’s had some financial issues since giving birth to half the Western Hemisphere.  So, to move on from her bankruptcy, she made a movie.  It’s called “Octomom Home Alone,” and it’s true to the title.  There are no kids in this one.  Well, there better not be…it’s dirty!

Soooooo, she’ll be signing her DVD at Castle Megastore in Phoenix from 6-10 tomorrow night.  I can’t say that I have that one in my collection.  It’s not that I have a problem with adult films.  I just have a problem with Octomom adult films!  Ugh.

Do you think she’ll do her new song for all the fans lined up tomorrow?  Check this out:


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