Will A Faces Reunion Hit The U.S.? It Depends On The Rolling Stones (But Not Rod Stewart)

It’s been months since three of the surviving members of Faces – drummer Kenney Jones, guitarist Ron Wood and keyboardist Ian McLagan – got together to perform at their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Frontman Rod Stewart bowed out at the last moment, and was replaced with Simply Red singer Mick Hucknall, who has sang with the group on recent tours of the U.K. The Hall of Fame performance marked the first time that the ad hoc reunion has hit these shores.

In a recent interview about The Small Faces’ reissues of Small Faces and In The Beginning, Jones told CBS Local that he, Wood and McLagan would love to tour the U.S. But right now, they have to contend with the still-uncertain schedule of Wood’s other band.

“It’s the Rolling Stones’ 50th anniversary.  We wanted to do something last year, but because of Mick and Keith working out their differences (we had to wait). They might be doing something at the end of this year.”  He added a few details that have circulated in the rumor mill:  “I just heard they’re doing the last thing they’ll ever play, probably at Knebworth next year.”

He says that they probably won’t spend months on the road, as they have in the past. “They won’t do a tour, so I’m told. They’ll do something to celebrate the 50th anniversary, like a week at Madison Square Garden, a week on the west coast, something short and sweet.  Bill Wyman’s probably gonna guest, so’s Mick Taylor, probably.  I think that’s gonna be a lovely, lovely thing to do.” 

As for a string of Faces shows?  “We were waiting to see what the Stones are doing, we didn’t know if we could do it.  It was either gonna be before the Stones go out, but I’ve got a feeling it’s will be after.  There might be opportunities where we could do something quick here and there, but I think that after  (the Stones tour) will be the proper time.  Next year, after they do Knebworth, we’ll probably do something towards the end of next year.”

If Ron can fit some Faces gigs into his schedule with the Stones, shouldn’t the band’s lead singer?  Jones says,  “As long as his manager is booking him out two years in advance, it doesn’t stand a chance.” A Faces tour would most likely feature Mick Hucknall as the singer.

Brian Ives, CBS Local



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