First, Steve Nash. Now, Shane Doan and Justin Upton? Don’t Go!!!

You know that old saying, “the only constant is change?”  I’m OK with that.  But, not when those changes involve three of the Valley’s BIGGEST names in sports!

We’re barely over the initial sting of losing Steve Nash to the Lakers.  Believe me, that’s REALLY going to hurt when the Suns face LA next season.

Then, there’s the drama surrounding the Coyotes.  Superstar Shane Doan became a free agent on July 1st.  He’s been ignoring offers (11 in the first week alone) until the fate of their lease at Arena is clear.  But, he can’t wait forever.

Just this morning – to borrow a hockey term – I read about the “hat trick.”  Only, this would NOT be good for the team.  Our D-Backs are looking to trade Justin Upton!   I know there has been tension.  But, let’s not be rash, guys!

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