We MAY Have Another Trifecta

It’s been a couple weeks since we’ve had any CDT (Celebrity Death Trifecta) talk.  Thank God for the break!  We had three of these in a row at the beginning of June.  It was a “trifecta of trifectas.”  I think we might have another as of last night.  I use the word “might” as I’m positive on two-thirds, but questioning the final entry.  Tell me what you think.


Here’s where we stand:

  1. Nora Ephron (writer/director)
  2. Don Grady (actor/composer)
  3. ???

Nora and Don are obviously “CDT-worthy.”  But, what about Barry Becher?  While you may not recognize his name, you’ll certainly remember his claim to fame:

Can you believe that commercial made it’s debut in 1978?  They ran on television forever and a day!  While Becher didn’t create the Ginsu knife, he was one of the two guys who brought it our attention.  Becher and partner Ed Valenti were behind many of the infomercials that became known in every household.  Should he be #3 on this CDT?

After talking about this on the air,  Mike called with another suggestion (or two):


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