TOP 10: Game Show Catchphrases

78509038 TOP 10: Game Show Catchphrases

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According to, these are the best catch phrases from the biggest game shows of all-time.  What do you think?

Survey says … these are the Top 10 game show catchphrases:

10. “The Tribe Has Spoken.” (Survivor)
9. “Deal, or no deal?” (Deal or No Deal)
8. “C’mon down!” (The Price is Right)
7. “You are the weakest link. Goodbye.” (The Weakest Link)
6. “Is that your final answer?” (Who Wants to Be a Millionaire)
5. “Survey says …” (Family Feud)
4. “Will the real ____ please stand up?” (To Tell the Truth)
3. “Let’s make a deal.” (Let’s Make a Deal)
2. “I’d like to buy a vowel, Pat.” (Wheel of Fortune)
1.  “I’ll take ____ for $1,000, Alex.” (Jeopardy!) (

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