You Say It’s Your Birthday?

Not only is today the first official day of Summer (I think it started here in March), June 20th seems to be a banner date for musical birthdays!

Brian Wilson turns 70.  Lionel Richie is celebrating with 63 candles.  Two famous bassists were also born on this date: Michael Anthony from Van Halen is 58 and John Taylor from Duran Duran turns 52.  Let’s check out some videos from each member of the birfday bunch!!!

First up, Brian Wilson.  I still get goose bumps every time I hear this song.  I can’t wait to hear it at their KOOL Concert on July 7th!

Remember this video from Lionel Richie?  Rodney Dangerfield actually makes a cameo appearance!

Here’s Van Halen’s cover of “You Really Got Me.”  I wonder what The Kinks thought of this?  And, what was Diamond Dave’s aversion to buttons???

Finally, music certainly made a big change in the 80’s when Duran Duran showed up.


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