Pray For “Little Darth Vader” Today

Do you remember the VW commercial with “Little Darth Vader” that aired during the 2011 Super Bowl?  That was Max Page.  He literally became a star overnight when the video went viral.  If you’re a Young & The Restless junkie like I am, you’ll recognize Max as Reed HellstromVictoria and JT‘s son.

Max has a very big day ahead of him.  The seven year-old is having open heart surgery today at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. This is to correct a congenital heart defect that was first detected when he was just three months-old!  I can relate, as I had open heart surgery when I was just five.  Everything turned out great for me.  Max, I’m rooting for ya, buddy!  You’ll pull through.  Just use “the force.”

CLICK HERE to see Max on NBC‘s Today, talking about his surgery.


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