Do the Lines on a Red Solo Cup Actually Mean Something?

90995419 Do the Lines on a Red Solo Cup Actually Mean Something?

Photo by OLIVER LANG/AFP/Getty Images

I tried to find a picture of a Solo Cup, but couldn’t find one.  I hope the one I used is ok.

There’s a big rumor going around Facebook that says those lines on plastic red Solo cups are really drink measurements.

According to the rumor, here’s the breakdown… The first line is supposedly the one-ounce mark, if you want to have liquor.  The next line is at five ounces, if you want drink wine.  And the third line is at 12 ounces if you’re drinking beer.

Is it true?  Well, according to, it’s an urban legend.  They contacted the Dart Container Corporation, which makes the cups, and they said, quote, “The lines on our Party Cups are designed for functional performance, and are not measurement lines.

Dang it!  It sounded so good.

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