Joey Lawrence: Chippendale Photos

This blog is for everyone who grew up crushing on Joey Lawrence.  I remember when he first showed up on Gimme A Break.  He was all of 7 years-old with that now-infamous bowl haircut!  By the time Blossom hit the air, Joey had grown up a bit.  Teenage girls everywhere swooned at the sound of his signature “whoa!”  Today, he stars with Melissa Joan Hart on ABC Family’s Melissa & Joey.  Oh, did I mention that he’s ALSO performing at Chippendale’s in Vegas?  All together now: WHOA!

Before you get TOO excited, Joey doesn’t strip down to his skivvies or anything.  But, he IS shirtless.  And, he IS ripped.  And, there IS photographic proof.

CLICK HERE to take a peek, ladies!  You’re welcome.

Let’s not forget, Joey Lawrence has the distinction of being a “One Hit Wonder” – MUSICALLY, that is.  Who remembers his hit from 1993?  “Nothin’ My Love Can’t Fix” reached #19 on the Billboard Hot 100!

About 20 minutes after I talked about this blog on the radio, KOOL Listener Renee called and had this to say:

That’s NOTHING to be ashamed of, Renee!  Thanks for bein’ KOOL:-)


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