Richard Dawson’s 5 Most Awkward Kisses

I apologize for taking 5 days to post this blog.  I had two rules while in Jamaica: mandatory morning mimosas and minimal internet/e-mail viewing.  So, I didn’t even know actor and game show pro Richard Dawson had died until days after the fact!  Oops.

During Family Feud, Richard was infamous for kissing EVERY female contestant.  Let’s face it.  He was the undisputed king of PDAs!  Sometimes, it was rather uncomfortable to watch.  Men, how would you like to stand by while this guy makes out with your wife, sister or daughter?

Here are five of the most awkward kissing moments I could find from the show.  In this first one, he kisses all five contestants.  But, he seems to linger longer with the last one.

Pay attention to Lynn in this one.  Can you count the kisses?

Did you know Dawson’s kisses were so powerful, they made undies fall off?  It’s true!  Watch this.

Richard makes a confession this one after a pretty powerful puckerer.

Here’s Richard explaining his kissing:


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