An Extremely “Alarming” Video

There was a time when car alarms were just that:  ALARMING!  But, as the years passed and they became more commonplace, there were a LOT more false alarms.  You know…the horn would start honking because a large truck passed by the car.  Or, a crash of thunder would set off a couple cars on your block.  So, it became much easier to phase out and ignore the alarm.  And, doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

There was NO way to ignore what just happened in Staten Island.  100 people got together in flash mob style.  But, instead of posing or acting or dancing, they all set off their car alarms…simultaneously!  This took place in a Lowe’s parking lot as the instigators hid behind a wall.  The reactions of the unknowing passers-by are priceless.

I present to you now…a cacophony of car alarms:


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