“Breaking Bad” Returns July 15th

I have a DVR that holds 100 hours of programming.  You’d think I would utilize the machine and go hogwild recording shows.  Alas, I do not!  Truth be known, I record less than ten shows on a regular basis.  Two of them are daily (Letterman and Y&R).  The rest are weekly – and most are currently on Summer hiatus!  One of my true viewing passions is Breaking Bad on AMC.  It is SO dark, but it is SOOOO good!

If you’re not familiar with the show, I STRONGLY encourage you to rent the first four seasons on DVD and watch them over the next two months.  The fifth – and, might I add, FINAL season kicks off July 15th.  But, it’s not QUITE over yet.  You see, they’re only running 8 episodes this Summer.  The remaining 8 episodes won’t air until 2013!  You’d think this would thrill me.  But, it distresses me greatly.

Much like the meth addicts in the show, I have an addiction.  I NEED this show for me to function.  If I don’t get it, I go into withdrawal.  So, here I am…trying to get YOU hooked.  What kind of friend am I???


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