Slapped By A Man In Black?!?

I’m VERY excited about this weekend’s premiere of Men in Black III.  Apparently, I’m not quite as excited as one guy.  He’s a Ukranian reporter who was on the red carpet for the premiere of MIB3 in Moscow over the weekend.  He got up close with star Will Smith and actually tried to kiss him on the lips!  Before you ask, no…it wasn’t Sasha Baron Cohen filming his next movie.  Though, it sure sounds like one of his characters!

(Sidenote: I saw “The Dictator” Saturday night.  Funny…but, not hilarious.  But, I digress.)

I guess this guy’s “schtick” is kissing celebrities.  After Agent J pushed this guy away, it got dicey:

Where’s that neuralyzer when we need it???  You’ll remember NOTHING!  Oh, here’s the trailer for MIB3.  Will you be next to me in the theatre?





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