See A Real “Ring Of Fire” On Sunday

Johnny Cash sang, “I went down, down, down.  And, the flames went higher.  And, it burns, burns, burns.  The ring of fire.”  I don’t think he was referring to a solar eclipse.  But, that’s exactly what WE will see Sunday evening!  Maybe this will keep the temps down a bit😉

This is an annular solar eclipse.   The new moon will be directly between the Earth and sun, blocking almost all of the sunlight.  It will appear to be a ring of fire!  Careful.  It is dangerous to look directly at it, as the little bit of sunlight that makes it through will still be damaging to your eyes.

This process will start on Sunday afternoon.  The absolute BEST view, when the moon is centered with the sun, will happen at 6:35.  Want a sneak preview?  Check out these pics:

89160110 10 See A Real Ring Of Fire On SundayGreat Shots Of Solar Eclipses



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