Another Week, Another Trifecta?

Spring is SUPPOSED to be the season of new life.  But, lately, it seems to be the season for Celebrity Death Trifectas!  No, I’m not reporting on a complete CDT.  It’s only two-thirds complete.  Though, the last two times I blogged about this, entry #3 came across the news wire almost immediately!

Where are we on the current CDT?  It’s hard to keep track with the heavy volume lately…

  1. Carroll Shelby (racecar driver / automobile designer)
  2. Donald “Duck” Dunn (Booker T & The MGs bassist / Blues Brothers band member)
  3. ???

While these two guys were both well-known by millions, some may be hearing of them for the first time.  If that’s your case, I found some video of both Carroll AND Donald I thought you might enjoy:

Shelby was the mastermind behind the Shelby Cobra.  If you like cars that go fast, you owe a lot to this guy!


Donald “Duck” Dunn was the bassist for Booker T & The MGs.  But, he’s even better known as the bassist for the Blues Brothers!  You see him quite a bit (in between Jake & Elwood) in this clip from the movie.  This is one of my favorite scenes:-)


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