And, Goober Makes Three

Just two days ago, I asked who would be #3 in the current Celebrity Death Trifecta.  Heck, it was the last blog I wrote!  Now, we have the answer:  Goober.  Well, that’s how most of America knows George Lindsey.  He died this morning at age 83.  CLICK HERE for the full story.

You’ll remember George as Gomer Pyle‘s cousin Goober on The Andy Griffith Show and Mayberry RFD.  He actually continued as Goober on Hee-Haw for another 22 years!  But, I bet you DON’T remember the television show Goober.  You won’t see it mentioned in any of Lindsey’s obits or even on Wikipedia!  That’s probably because it lasted all of ONE episode.  I just happen to have a clip…

Ron Howard reminisced about George last year at a tribute:

Here’s George as Goober on The Andy Griffith Show:

George continued as Goober in COLOR on Mayberry RFD:

I thought this was rather timely.  George was asked “what is the secret of long life” just last December.  Here’s his answer:

Finally, George sings about Mountain Dew on Hee Haw.  This show is STILL my guilty pleasure:


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