Porsche/Kincaide/Wallace For The Trifecta?

By now, you probably know my fascination with the CDT (Celebrity Death Trifecta).  Yes, it’s morbid…but accurate!  Three celebrities generally pass within a few days of each other.  We actually lost FOUR famous folks over the weekend!

  1. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche (car designer)
  2. Jim Marshall (amplifier pioneer)
  3. Thomas Kincaide (artist)
  4. Mike Wallace (60 Minutes reporter)

Now, I have a judgment call to make.  I’m hoping you can help!  I believe Porsche and Wallace are DEFINITELY #1 and #3 on the CDT.  Should I put Marshall or Kincaide in at #2?  Or, are they ALL actually part of TWO separate trifectas?


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