The Big 25 For Paul Simon’s “Graceland”

And the box sets just keep on comin!  This time around, it’s Paul Simon‘s “Graceland,” which just turned 25.

To celebrate the silver anniversary of this very unique album, Legacy Recordings will release a whole bunch of remastered Graceland treats on June 5th!

I still can’t get enough of this song.  And, you gotta admit…it was one the funnier music videos of the 1980’s!  Can Chevy Chase REALLY sing?

OK, back to the goodies.  For one (or should I say TWO), there’s a collector’s edition two-CD, two-DVD box set that includes:

  • An 80-page book on Paul Simon
  • Original Graceland posters
  • The Story of Graceland audio feature narrated by Simon.

In addition to the new Under African Skies documentary included in the box set, there’s yet another DVD that includes:

  • Simon’s 1987 African Concert from Zimbabwe
  • Music videos
  • Interviews
  • And, the infamous “more.”

Want more?  You got it!  Legacy is separately releasing the 25th anniversary remastered recording on CD – and vinyl (which will be out April 21 as part of Record Store Day), as well as the Under African Skies DVD and Blu-Ray.  That documentary is something to see.  Check this out:

As for the STORY of Graceland, we’ve got that too!


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