The Good Life Festival at Encanterra Today!!!!

the good life festival1 The Good Life Festival at Encanterra Today!!!!

If you’ve ever worn bellbottoms and cruised around town in a black Trans-Am while listening to an 8-track tape, chances are you are part of the generation that remembers lyrics like “taking care of business.” Even if you didn’t, you can still appreciate the heavy sounds of Bachman & Turner and Foghat when they perform at the Good Life Music Festival™ at Encanterra. Festival goers can take a slow ride through rock history while shopping at boutique booths, eating local festival foods, and participating in wine and craft beer tastings.

Join the KOOL Kids on the Block (Ashley, Dawn and Ronny) today as Bachman & Turner and Foghat take the stage for a magical evening of music and fun!

We will see you there!!!!!


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