Want To Fill Your Tank For $2/Gallon?

The place where I fill my tank has kept regular unleaded at $3.99-9/10 for a week now.  I think they’re afraid to cross the $4 threshold!  Would there be a riot?  I doubt it.  But, there certainly IS tension at the pump.  Imagine my shock when I found out I could gas up for just $2/gallon…here in Phoenix, no less!

The question isn’t “where.”  It’s actually “how?”  Fact is, there is NO gas station selling fuel for $2 a gallon.  But, there are some simple things YOU can do in your everyday driving to SAVE at least $2  for every gallon you use!

  • Cleaning out your car could save you $0.07 per gallon!
  • The right credit card/rewards program could save you $0.19 per gallon!
  • Driving responsibly can save you $1.27 per gallon!
  • Checking tire pressure could save you $0.12 per gallon!
  • Grocery discounts can save you $2.20 per gallon!

There are a bunch of other ways, too.  Find out what they are…and get specific tips when you CLICK HERE.  It’s a great article from Yahoo! Finance.


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