Get Your Scottish Game On With KOOL!


Join the KOOL Kids on the Block at the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa in Scottsdale for a pre-party for the Glenmorangie Scottish Highland Games. Need tickets to the Glenmorangie Scottish Highland Games? The KOOL Kids have them! Come by and say hello!

You don’t have to be Scottish to attend the Games.  Everyone is welcome!  There will be so much to see and do!  Visit the Genealogy tent and trace your own family roots. Artists will entertain throughout the day with their traditional and modern Scottish tunes. The wee lads & lassies area boasts Celtic arts & crafts, sports & bouncy “moon” jumpers both days.   Competitive highland dancing, pipe bands, heavy athletics, country dancing, re-enactment and vintage British car exhibitions will also be showcased.



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