Elle Magazine Cover: Is This Too Much?

I remember when Demi Moore posed for the cover of Vanity Fair magazine in 1991.  It was pretty big news, as she was pregnant…and nude!  But, I can’t remember if there was any controversy surrounding it.  Jessica Simpson has mimicked that cover for Elle Magazine‘s April edition.  But, this time, I can assure you: THERE IS CONTROVERSY!

A Safeway just down the road in Tucson has made national news as they’re CENSORING the magazine in their stands.  There have been multiple complaints.  So, they put cardboard over the magazine display as if it were a dirty magazine.  I’m sorry, but  just don’t see it.  All the “lady parts” are covered.  I think they’re tastefully done.  However, I am thinking like a guy who finds both women attractive…and NOT like a concerned parent!

CLICK HERE for the story.

What do YOU think?


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