Your Resume Gets Six Seconds of Attention . . . Here’s What Employers Look For


A study by a job-matching service called TheLadders found that the average resume gets SIX SECONDS of attention.  They tracked employers’ eye movement to see what they looked at most on a resume.

–DON’T include a photo:  Not that you would on your resume, but sites like LinkedIn allow you to, and it actually HURTS your chances with an employer.  They spend 19% of the time looking at the photo instead of your qualifications.

–DO make it easy to read, even if you leave off some information:  Professionally-rewritten resumes were 40% more effective than the original.  The pros make it clearly formatted and easy to skim, and they do it by cutting out a lot of information.

–DO include dates:  80% of the resume review time was spent looking at relatively dull-sounding information, including your current and previous job titles, and the start and end dates for your current and past jobs.

There you go, and good luck!

(PR Newswire)


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