Disney’s Quarter Of A Billion Dollars Flop


That’s billion with a B! When I think of John Carter, I think of Dr. John Carter- the character on e.r. a few years ago.  Disney’s new movie titled John Carter will be ding little if anything to replace that character’s top of mind awareness, as earlier today they announced an expected loss for the film of over $200,000,000 making it one of the biggest theatrical flops of all time. 

Click here for more information about just how big a flop the movie is.  Can you say Ishtar?

Here’s are a couple of  trailers.

  • chandlerswainreviews

    Well, how helpful that is? Instead of getting self-righteously snarky, you might be informative as to what the nature of Burroughs’ source materials were, their importance to popular culture (especially since the plagiarist Lucas has seized control of the film mentality in this country since 1977) and to talk about incomprehensible marketing strategies by the Harvard MBA imbeciles that must run Disney. Also, blame your audience for perpetuating this kind of over budgeted fodder for years instead of creative, progressive cinema. But why say any of that? Just be snarky instead and add to the problem. Idiots, (Also, try to be original and talk about something other than what you get over the news services. I’ve worked in radio and can smell lazy releases a mile away.)

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