Will Jermaine Jones Be Kicked Off “American Idol” Because of His Criminal Past?

Jermaine Jones

TMZ is reporting that “American Idol” contestant JERMAINE JONES is going to be kicked off the show tonight . . . because he has a criminal past he neglected to tell producers about.

Jones was reportedly arrested TWICE last year . . . and one of those incidents involved some kind of violence.  Both times he gave the cops a fake name.  And, reportedly, there’s more.

According to TMZ, he also has outstanding warrants . . . although we don’t know what for.

Yesterday on his official “American Idol” Twitter account, Jones said, quote, “Awww I will no longer b on the show.”  But the message . . . and his entire Twitter account . . . were later deleted.

TMZ says Jones will appear on tonight’s show before being sent packing.  There’s no official word from “Idol”on that . . . or any of the rest of this matter.


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