Is Glendale The New “PEYTON PLACE”?

peyton Is Glendale The New PEYTON PLACE?

Could this modern day drama replace the old tv show of yesteryear?
Manning arrived in Arizona after spending two days in Denver meeting with the Broncos. The NFL’s free-agent period opens Tuesday, and ideally, Manning will have picked a team by then. The Cardinals likely want the process to proceed quickly. They are motivated not only by the start of free agency Tuesday, but by a bonus of $7million they are due to pay quarterback Kevin Kolb if he’s on the roster March 17. Beginning Tuesday afternoon, teams can sign free agents formerly with other clubs. Manning was able to hit the market early because the Colts terminated his contract.

Manning reportedly would like to make a decision by Tuesday in order for his new team to be able to woo free agents. If Manning weren’t available, the Cardinals likely wouldn’t be interested in signing a quarterback. The two sides have to agree on money. It’s unknown what kind of contract it will take to sign Manning. All I can say is “LET’S GITTER DONE”!


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