They Call Them Their Kids….

To each his own…
I may not agree…but I respect what they have done….

To most people they’re just dolls, but to Joe and Pat, who have a Cabbage Patch Kid collection of 5,000, it’s their “kids” or “babies,” says Pat. They have never had their “kids” appraised, the worth is estimated close to $1 million, with six figures invested in building the collection. Kevin, their most special Cabbage Patch Kids, is the one the couple brought to the studio with them today. Pat tells Anderson that they used to bring Kevin with them to many functions, but because he’s a 1985 (too much wear and tear) he is only reserved for Cabbage Patch functions. “In Cabbage Patch world, the big-time collectors, have a favorite Cabbage Patch Kid that they love and carry with them just like we do Kevin. And they all have their own personality and we have found that over the years, they all have their own voice. It’s just a fun thing to do.”

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