Remember The Song Disco Inferno?

Everybody knows burn baby burn…
Do you know who the lead singer was for the Trammps?

James T. “Jimmy” Ellis the lead singer of The Trammps – died Thursday. He was 74. His signature song, “Disco Inferno,” will live forever. Alzheimer’s was the cause. Ellis sang driving a school bus, winning talent shows and at roadhouses, in churches and arenas and on television and in movies. He sang from his soul. “Doesn’t matter where you go, who they are,” said Johnny Ellis, Jimmy’s younger brother, “everybody knows when they hear the words, ‘Burn that mother down!’ and ‘burn, baby, burn’ that the song is ‘Disco Inferno.’ “And the man with that voice who sang that song was Jimmy Ellis.” “Disco Inferno” with Jimmy Ellis fronted as lead singer for the Trammps- they became American cultural icons. The song caught fire after it was featured in the movie “Saturday Night Fever”, it sold an astounding 15 million copies as it stayed atop the charts for half a year. In 1978, “Disco Inferno” sat for several weeks at No. 1 on Billboard magazine’s dance music of the most familiar songs of our time.


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