Pop Or Soda???

cola Pop Or Soda???

A researcher at Ohio State used Twitter to find out what people call carbonated drinks, depending on where they live. New England and the Southwest are more likely to say SODA. People in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest are more likely to call it POP. And people in the Deep South usually use COKE as a generic term for ANY soda.

  • Noway

    In South Africa, if you ask for pop – you will recieve a lolly-pop. If you ask for soda – you will recieve soda water. In SA it is called cooldrinks.

  • Tom Thompson

    When I lived in Georgia I learned that the first ‘A’ in Coca-Cola is silent, it’s pronounced Coccola. Saying ‘Cok-a-co-la’ is just too many syllables before they need to take another sip of Coke.

    • Betty B.W.

      in mexican restaurants they say “coca” for colas

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