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You Spend an Average of 44 Minutes a Week Thinking About Regrets . . . Here are the Top 10

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The average person spends 44 minutes a week thinking about their regrets . . . that’s six minutes a day, or 38 hours a year.

Unless you’re an emotionless robot, you’ve got regrets.  Everyone does.  And just like you, everyone OBSESSES over them.

According to a new survey, the average person spends 44 minutes a week thinking about their regrets.  That’s a little over six minutes a day . . . or over 38 hours a year.  Here are the top 10 regrets . . .

#1.)  Not having saved more money.

#2.)  Not having worked harder at school.

#3.)  Not having exercised more.

#4.)  Not doing enough traveling or seeing the world.

#5.)  Taking up smoking.

#6.)  Not keeping in touch with people.

#7.)  Not taking better care of your body when you were younger.

#8.)  Not appreciating someone before they died.

#9.)  Not taking more photographs growing up.

#10.)  Getting married too early.

Overall, the average person fixates on two of those regrets.  83% take the blame for their own regrets . . . 17% blame someone else.  And two-thirds of people say they’ve learned from their mistakes.

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