Leap Into Matrimony!

Women propose

Women propose

Leap Day is the One Day Where Women are Traditionally Expected to Ask Men to Marry Them . . . and 24% of Women are Considering It!

Tomorrow is February 29th, a.k.a. LEAP DAY.  And, traditionally, it’s the ONE day every four years where women are supposed to PROPOSE to men.  But even though it’s tradition . . . would YOU do it?

In a new survey, believe it or not, 24% of women say YES, they actually are considering asking their boyfriends to marry them tomorrow.

Before you pull the trigger, you should probably make sure you’ve got a boyfriend who’s okay with that scenario.  54% of men say they’d be happy if their girlfriend proposed, and another 16% say they wouldn’t just be happy, they’d be THRILLED.

Only 14% say they’d be HORRIFIED.

So that’s 70% of men who are into it, 14% who aren’t, and the rest don’t really have an opinion.  In other words, ladies . . . the odds are IN YOUR FAVOR.


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