Most Insulting Tipper Of All Time – What A Jerk

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12  02-27  one percent tip - still photo

A wealthy banker left a $1.33 tip on a $133 lunch at the True Food Kitchen restaurant in Newport Beach, California.  To add insult to injury the word “tip” was circled on the receipt, and the banker wrote “get a real job” on the bill. 

The picture of the receipt was taken and uploaded to the blog Future Ex-Banker by a person who was dining with the anonymous banker. As expected, the blog got a lot of attention and has now been taken down, but not before word spread of the incident. . The author of the blog wrote, “mention the 99% in my boss’ presence and feel his wrath. So proudly does he wear his 1% badge of honor that he tips exactly 1% every time he feels the server doesn’t sufficiently bow down to his holiness.”

People online who had a chance to see the blog post before it went offline and those who have been made aware of it on social media outlets are outraged. One person called the tip a “tale of greed and contempt”, and another referred to it as “arrogance personified”.

I’m sure you have your own words to describe it.  Mine aren’t printable.

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