What Actor Is BANNED From The Oscars?


Have you ever heard of someone being BANNED from the Academy Awards?  It’s happening this weekend.  And, it’s not just anyone.  It’s a MEMBER of the Academy…and STAR of a movie with 11 nominations!!!

If I said Borat, would that give it away?  YEP!  Sacha Baron Cohen has been denied access to the Oscars this Sunday night.  Rumor has Cohen planning to attend dressed up in costume from his upcoming movie, “The Dictator.”  He’s such a troublemaker.  That’s why I love him!

Here’s a quote from Paramount, makers of Hugo (Cohen’s movie): “Unless they’re assured that nothing entertaining is going to happen on the red carpet, the Academy is not admitting Sacha Baron Cohen to the show.”  As of now, nobody is making that guarantee.  God forbid we’re “entertained” on the red carpet!!!

Cohen (dressed in full “Dictator” regalia) has an official  response:

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