Which U.S. States Do We Hate the Most? Which Ones Do We Love? A New Survey Has the Answers

California Map

California Map

We’ve got the results from a new survey by Public Policy Polling that finally answers a question we’ve all asked . . . which U.S. state do people HATE THE MOST?  And the answer is . . . California.

Only five states got more negative votes than positive votes.  And they are . . .

#1.)  California, 27% favorable, 44% unfavorable

#2.)  Illinois, 19% favorable, 29% unfavorable

#3.)  New Jersey, 25% favorable, 32% unfavorable

#4.)  Mississippi, 22% favorable, 28% unfavorable

#5.)  Utah, 24% favorable, 27% unfavorable

On the other end of things, America’s only tropical island paradise is the most liked state.  The five most-liked states are . . .

#1.)  Hawaii, 54% favorable, 10% unfavorable

#2.)  Colorado, 44% favorable, 9% unfavorable

#3.)  Tennessee, 48% favorable, 14% unfavorable

#4.)  South Dakota, 42% favorable, 8% unfavorable

#5.)  Virginia, 45% favorable, 13% unfavorable

Broken down by political affiliation, Democrats like Hawaii, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington, and Vermont the most . . . and Texas, Alabama, and Mississippi the least.

Republicans like Alaska and Texas the most . . . and California, Illinois, and Massachusetts the least.

You can see every state’s results here.


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