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Top 10 ANTI-Valentine’s Day Songs

While I’m playing all sorts of Valentine’s Day dedications on the radio, I thought I’d go in a different direction for today’s blog. Instead of getting sappy and romantical (fake word – I made it up), I’ve got some songs for those who are NOT big fans of the Hallmark holiday! There are a bunch of different categories. Which do YOU fall into?

Workaholics: For those of you just too busy to cram a love life in your deadline-infested schedule. Not only is Valentine’s Day just another day at the office, it’s meaning is about as important to you as the paper submitted through your shredder.

Victims: Whether you’ve been susceptible to a philandering tease or a gut-wrenching case of infidelity, it’s never fun to be on the wrong side of a dirty relationship.

Hopeless Romantics: Waiting for someone to sweep you off your feet, but keep finding lemons? Maybe it’s time to stop living vicariously through The Notebook.

Dispassionate Cynics: If there is such a thing as “true love,” than Cupid is hogging it all for himself.

“Love Stinks” – J. Geils Band

A mandatory addition to the list. I posted Adam Sandler’s rendition from the film The Wedding Singer, featuring a classic example of one of his famous fits of anger.


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