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“Darling” is the Most Popular “Pet” Name . . . Here’s the Top 10

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I Love You

I Love You

This story is for everyone who’s slipped up in public and called their significant other by the pet name you use at home . . . and then been MERCILESSLY MOCKED for it.  Everyone else is using pet names, too.  They’re just more careful about it.

A new survey found the 10 most popular pet names couples use for each other.

#1.)  Darling.

#2.)  Babe/Baby.

#3.)  Love.

#4.)  Sweetheart.

#5.)  Gorgeous.

#6.)  Honey/Hon/Honeybunch.

#7.)  Sweetie/Sweets.

#8.)  Angel.

#9.)  Sugar/Sugarplum.

#10.)  Boo.

What’s your pet name?

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