The Super Bowl Commercial You DIDN’T See


I was relatively unimpressed by this year’s Super Bowl commercials.  In my opinion, the Matthew Broderick (don’t say Ferris Bueller, that will cost you!!!) Honda commercial and the Jerry Seinfeld/Jay Leno Acura commercials were the best.  Some others made me chuckle.  The slingshot baby in the Doritos commercial…cute.  But, other than that, it was pretty much a flatline.

What did you think of the Will Ferrell commercial for Old Milwaukee?  Oh, wait…you DIDN’T see that one!  That’s because it only aired in North Platte, Nebraska!  See, if you were looking for another reason to move there…this is it!

NOTE: They pulled the original high-quality video I posted.  So, here is the next best thing.  A kind soul shot video of their television.  You’re going to see this one way or another!!!


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