You Didn’t Get This Leaked Material From Me…sssshhhhhhh!

superbowlbeer You Didnt Get This Leaked Material From Me...sssshhhhhhh!

Nine of the most anticipated commercials of the year have been release and someone is getting fired you can see them here first!

9. Acura NSX- What lengths will Jerry Seinfeld go to get his hands on the Acura NSX?

8. Hyundai – Trying is everything at Hyundai

7. Honda – Matthew’s Day Off

6. Audi – Vampire Party

5. Sketchers – The Dog that Replaced Kim Kardashian aka “Mr. Quiggly”

4. Hulu Plus – Arrested Development in Huluwood

3. H & M – David Beckham Half Naked. #Win for H & M

2. Pepsi – King Elton John of Pepsi World

1. Volkswagen – The Bark Side


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